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A Greenville SC Engagement Session

This Greenville SC Engagement Session was held in Falls Park.  Kate and Drew had a lovely December day for their Winter Engagement Session!  This was the first time I had met Kate and Drew in person, and I think they were both so glad we took the time to do this session.  This Engagement Session was a mini one, so they only had one outfit for the session.  I think their outfit choices were wonderful to complement the crisp, cool, December day we had for their engagement session!
engagement session with guy lifting girl and kissing

Importance of an Engagement Session in Greenville SC

Many times couples don’t see the importance of an engagement session when I first speak to them on the phone.  Then during the engagement session, they understand how important it is and how comfortable they feel.  It was no different for Kate and Drew.  Kate texted me afterwards to say how thankful they were that we had done the engagement session.  During an engagement session, couples get to know how I pose them and direct them.  They also get used to being in front of the camera and someone constantly taking pictures of them being romantic with one another.  By the end of an engagement session with me, you will feel ten times more confident than you did before!  I even send all of my couples an Engagement Session Guide with tips before their session to help them prepare.

guy and girl looking at camera in engagement session in greenville
walking photo in greenville sc engagement session
girl with arms around guy in greenville
snuggles between girl and guy

A Mini Engagement Session

Since Kate and Drew’s original wedding photography package didn’t include an engagement session, we worked out doing a mini one. This allowed a shorter timeframe of thirty minutes for the session, but still provided the same benefits to the couple to help them prepare for their wedding day bride and groom portraits. If you didn’t initially book an engagement session with me, but are interested in getting the benefits like Kate and Drew did, feel free to ask me about it! I would always rather get you in front of my camera for some time, rather than none!
girl and guy kissing and walking
three pictures of girl and guy looking at each other

girl with hands on guy's face
girl kissing guy's cheek
girl and guy looking at camera smiling

Getting to Know Kate and Drew

When I first received the inquiry from Kate back in the summer time, Kate told me that she and Drew met in college at Clemson.  They had been living in the Greenville area for a couple years, so doing their engagement session in Greenville was extra special!   She also told me, “We are so excited to start planning our wedding and lives together. It’s important to us to have photos to look back on from our wedding.”
girl and guy with greenville bridge behind them
guy kissing girl's forehead
girl looking at camera and guy looking at her
girl leaning back kissing guy
close up of ring in greenville sc engagement session
girl and guy looking at each other near water in Falls Park in Greenville SC
guy and girl smiling in greenville sc engagement session
I can’t wait to share more from Kate and Drew’s whole wedding photography experience with Jill Brisken Photography!  They will be having their wedding at Windy Hill Wedding and Event Barn in February.  Thank you, Kate and Drew, for giving me the honor to photograph you during this special time!

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