Gassaway Mansion Wedding, Greenville SC | Regan and Thomas

Linen and Light by JBP


Wedding ceremony at Gassaway Mansion, Greenville SC

Thomas and Regan’s Gassaway Mansion wedding in Greenville, SC was just what they had been dreaming of for over a year.  I originally met Regan and Thomas back in early 2020, before the world as we knew it changed.  Their original wedding date had to be cancelled, and they ended up eloping on their own right before they moved to Texas for a job change.  To my surprise, Regan contacted me again in Spring of 2021, and told me of their plans to have their big wedding celebration after all with their family and friends!  I was so glad I still got to be a part of their day and capture these memories for them.  Doing it all a second time, but with those they love, made it all the more special!
Gassaway Mansion details photo
There were so many things that stood out to me as special and unique from this wedding day.  Here are a few that I remember, and then I’ll get to the real reason you all are here – seeing more photos!

1.  A social media moment – Regan had many special unique things throughout the whole day that she had planned.  One thing was that she really wanted an unplugged ceremony.  So, the pastor told everyone at the beginning of the ceremony that they could take out their cell phones and take a few pictures . . . gave everyone a “social media moment” and then instructed them to put them away and be in the moment.  He then proceeded to take his own selfie with the couple!  So much fun!
Newlyweds smiling at guests during their Gassaway Mansion wedding ceremony.
2.  All the laughter and smiles.  Candid photos were a big request for Regan and Thomas . . . they wanted the candid natural moments captured without a lot of posing.  Every chance I got, I was snapping away trying not to miss any of those moments!  Regan and her mom shared sweet laughter and smiles as she got ready.  Thomas and his guys had a great time too.  Everyone around them were there to support and love them throughout the entire day!
Groomsmen at Gassaway Mansion
Gassaway Mansion Bride & Mom
3.  Special Gifts – Regan and Thomas both had special gifts for both of their parents and had special moments planned into the day to give them the gifts.  It was such a joy to witness the thoughtfulness and love between them!  Their parents, likewise had nice gifts for them too.
Mother Daughter Gifts at Gassaway MansionParents gifts at Gassaway Mansion
Dad Daughter First Look at Gassaway Mansion
4.  Emotion – There was so much genuine emotion felt throughout the day.  Especially between Regan and Thomas.  I love when a couple can actually enjoy the moments on their wedding day, and really feel how special each moment is and be in that moment.  Regan and Thomas did just that.  Just like they had special gifts for their parents, they also had special things to give each other.  They opened each other’s gifts separately, as myself and my second photographer captured their reactions.  I hope they will enjoy seeing the other’s reaction to their very personalized gifts here on the blog.
Bride opening gift at Gassaway Mansion
Groom opening gift at Gassaway Mansion
5.  The First Look – Let’s just say . . . it wasn’t what Thomas was expecting.  I love the obvious fun that these two have with one another!
First Look at Gassaway Mansion
See more of the special moments from their day in photos below!  Don’t forget to check out the end of this post for all of their awesome vendors who helped bring the day together for them.
Details at Gassaway Mansion
Rings at Gassaway Mansion
Mom helping bride get ready at Gassaway MansionBridesmaids at Gassaway MansionGroom at Gassaway Mansion
Groomsmen at Gassaway Mansion
Bride getting veil on at Gassaway Mansion
Bridesmaids at Gassaway Mansion
Bridesmaid first look at Gassaway Mansion
Around the door moment at Gassaway Mansion
Outside wedding ceremony at Gassaway Mansion
flower girls and ring bearer at wedding ceremonyDecor for ceremony at Gassaway Mansion
Walking down aisle at Gassaway Mansion
bride and groom at Gassaway Mansion ceremony
Family formals in front of Gassaway Mansion
Family Formals at Gassaway Mansion
Wedding Party at Gassaway Mansion
Bridesmaids at Gassaway Mansion
Flower girls with bride at Gassaway Mansion
Ring bearer with Groom
BridesmaidsGroomsmenWedding Party
flower girls and ring bearer with bride and groomBride and Groom at GassawayBride and Groom at Gassaway
Bride and Groom in music room at Gassaway Mansion Greenville, SC
entering reception at Gassaway Mansion
First dance
first dance
Dad of Bride Dance
Mom of Groom Dance

DJ Level Digital Music Ent

Kathy and Company Cake at Gassaway Mansion
Cake Cutting at Gassaway Mansion
Bouquet toss Gassaway Mansion
Garter Gassaway Mansion

last dance Gassaway Mansion
last dance just bride and groom at Gassaway Mansion tent
bubble exit Gassaway Mansion Greenville SCThank you again, Regan and Thomas for allowing me to be a part of capturing your memories.  I hope you will always remember how much love you felt on this day!
Bride and Groom with Veil at Gassaway Mansion
Thank you to all of these amazing vendors!

Venue:  Gassaway Mansion, Greenville SC

Flowers & Caterer:  Gassaway Mansion

Cake:  Kathy and Company

Hair and Makeup:  Flawless Artistry

DJ – ceremony & reception music:  LEVEL Digital Music Ent

Wedding Dress Shop:  Lows Bridal

Photographer:  Linen and Light
A Warm Toned Aesthetic Option for Jill Brisken Photography

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