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Linen and Light by JBP


Glendale Shoals Sunset Engagement Session

This Glendale Shoals Sunset Engagement Session in Spartanburg, SC was a highlight of my weekend!  Getting to meet Alex and Jacob officially in person for their session on a gorgeous Spring evening was wonderful.  Alex and Jacob chose to do their session in my Linen and Light style, a more warm toned style option I offer.  We had emailed earlier in the week and had previously decided on 4:30 for the session.  However, it ended up being so warm out this day, I texted Alex and asked if we could move the time to 5:30 with the hopes of getting some sunset photos.  Alex and Jacob were so accommodating and agreed to move the time!  I sure am glad that we moved it and got the opportunity for these beautiful sunset engagement portraits!

Something a little different

Even thought I’ve done many photo session before at Glendale Shoals, I always try to think of something a little different and creative to include in each one. For Alex and Jacob, it was not only staying all the way until sunset, but also trying some unique ring photos that I haven’t done previously. Of course one of the highlights of an engagement session is the engagement ring!

Two Outfits

If you’ve followed any of my previous engagement sessions before, then you know that I always advise couples to have two outfits for the session.  Alex and Jacob followed my advice and did their casual outfit first and their dressier outfit second.  One of the reasons I do this is because I want all the nerves to get out during the first part of the session in the casual outfit.  After that, then we can focus on the more romantic shots.  I just love the movement of a dress in some of the dancing shots in an engagement session.  I learned during the session that Alex actually used to be a competitive dancer.  Unfortunately, an injury made it so she could not continue dance.  She definitely knew how to do a graceful twirl though for her Glendale Shoals engagement session!  And that made me super happy!

Getting Married in May

Alex and Jacob will be getting married this coming May at Winding Creek Wedding Barn in Yadkin County, NC. I can’t wait to see all of the beautiful twirls they will do together out on the dance floor on their wedding day! Until then, enjoy some more photos as a sneak peek from their gorgeous sunset engagement session at Glendale Shoals.

Sunset Photos at Glendale Shoals

I’m so glad we held out for these sunset photos at Glendale Shoals! Congrats to Alex and Jacob on their engagement!
couple-smiling-at-glendale-shoals-preserve-engagement-photoguy-kissing-top-of-headsunset-photo-of-couple-dipping-kissing-glendale-shoalsAlways wishing my JBP Couples all the happiness in the world!

xoxo ~ Jill

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