Glendale Shoals Preserve Engagement Photography – Michelle + Greg



I’m so glad I got a chance to meet Michelle and Greg for their engagement session at Glendale Shoals Preserve.  This was the first time I had met this sweet couple, but I felt like I already knew them when I met them.  (Thanks in part to Michelle filling out my “Getting to Know You” form I sent her to fill out!)  So, since I love a good story, here’s a little more about Michelle and Greg:
They met through mutual friends when they were in college at Virginia Tech.  They had been dating for 3 1/2 years before they got engaged.  How did they get engaged?
From Michelle:  “Greg proposed right in our backyard. We had just gotten a puppy the day before and he called me outside and told me to call Benny over.  I noticed he had a different tag on his collar and when I looked closer, I saw that it said, “Will you marry me?”  I looked up at him and he got down on one knee and gave me a a ring.”

 How sweet is that engagement story?  And let me tell you, their puppy Benny came along for the engagement session, and he was the sweetest little guy!  I wish I would’ve gotten a picture of him before we left!  He was really good and waited for us patiently while we went around to each spot for pictures for an hour.  So cute!

Michelle shared with me that she is a Structural Engineer and Greg is a Quality Engineer.  So, the fact that we chose to do their engagement pictures around a big red, steel bridge with trusses was pretty neat!  (Michelle may need to correct me on the wording of the parts of the bridge, since I’m NOT a Structural Engineer. 🙂

I also found out that in their spare time, Greg plays guitar in a metal band and Michelle plays soccer and tutors in math.  Pretty neat hobbies, if I do say so myself!  I love when I get to photograph such smart and creative people!
 They were both so great to let me take them all around the Preserve and put them in different poses and places that we had to hop across rocks and water and through overgrown grassy thickets to get to, but I think it was all worth it to get some of these beautiful images!  I loved seeing the love and excitement they had for one another and for their upcoming wedding in 2017.
I can tell, their Fall wedding in Asheville, NC is going to be a great one to be a part of.  I can’t wait to tell more of their story and feel so honored they chose me to help capture this special time in their lives.  Congrats Michelle and Greg on your engagement!

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