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A Storm Cleared Out Downtown

Jarod and Michelle’s Greenville SC Engagement Session was such a great time! It had been a very hot summer day, and as I was driving from Spartanburg to Greenville to meet them, I could see a huge dark rain cloud up ahead of me towards the city. I tried not to panic though, as I figured hopefully it was just a regular, passing summer storm. And that’s just what it was! By the time I parked and walked down to meet them the rain was done. And it had done a great job of clearing everyone out of Falls Park too, so it was much less crowded than usual!


I was so excited to do this Engagement session and get to know Jarod and Michelle. I actually met Jarod through the wedding industry back when I first started wedding photography. He was the videographer hired at the very first wedding I ever shot by myself in 2016!! And ever since that wedding, I’ve been recommending him anytime my couples ask for a videographer. He’s great to work with throughout the wedding day, and not to mention produces amazing video work! (Definitely check out his company if you are looking for a videographer too!! )


The Proposal

I had met Michelle briefly one other time, and that was when I photographed her and Jarod’s surprise proposal in downtown Greenville at Up On The Roof restaurant. Jarod had hired me to hide and because Michelle had never met me before, she didn’t know me from anyone else there taking pictures of the beautiful Greenville view. This was some of the best undercover work, I must say! But once it was “go time” and he got down on one knee, I shifted the camera over to them and snapped away. I think she was surprised for sure!!

Greenville SC Proposal

Greenville SC Proposal The Engagement Session

Then after the proposal, Jarod reached out to me about 6 months later, and asked about my wedding photography packages. I was so honored that they chose me to capture their wedding day!! So, when we met for their Greenville SC Engagement Session, this was the first time I had spent time with both of them for any length of time. We had fun walking around Falls Park, talking, getting to know each other better and I taught them my typical series of poses I like to teach my couples, so that they feel comfortable with how I run things on the wedding day.






The Soccer Field

Then after we finished up in Falls Park, we went over to a nearby soccer field, and did some more photos of them in their soccer gear. Soccer was a big part of how they met and became friends first, because they both played in a soccer league together. (And of course with having both of my sons play soccer for many years, we bonded over the love of soccer too!!) I love how the soccer field photos turned out, and I could tell they were just relaxing and having fun!






Wedding Coming in the Fall!

I’m so glad I got to do this Engagement Session for them in Greenville, and can’t wait to share photos in an upcoming blog post from their Fall wedding too!!


(This Greenville SC Engagement Session took place in Summer of 2019 . . . I am trying little by little, to catch up my blog with weddings and engagements!  In the meantime, be sure to check out my Engagements Portfolio for featured Engagement Pictures.  Check back soon for more engagement posts too, hopefully! 🙂

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