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Amanda and Scott’s Greenville, SC Spring Wedding was the perfect wedding to kick off my 2021 wedding season!  They were married on a very rainy day at Tremont Church of God in Greenville.  You may be wondering why a rainy day would be a perfect wedding?  Well, any wedding that celebrates the love of two people coming together before God, family, and friends and committing to each other is a perfect wedding in my mind.  We can’t control the weather, but we can control how we react to it and still celebrate the day just as we would on a bright sunny day.  Even though Amanda had always dreamed of an outdoor wedding, her dream wedding still came true because she got to marry the man of her dreams and celebrate with the most important family and friends in her life!  God showed up throughout the day as an integral part of their relationship . . . but He really showed out when He stopped the pouring rain just in time for wedding party and bride and groom portraits.  Amanda still got her outside photos she wanted!
Greenville SC Wedding Tremont Church of GodThere are so many things that stick out to me when I think back to Amanda and Scott’s wedding, but here are just a few highlights of things I loved from their day:

Getting Ready:  Amanda and Scott both were so calm throughout the getting ready time.  Although they may have been a bit nervous for the big day on the inside, they certainly didn’t show it.  Amanda is probably one of the most polite people I’ve ever met.  She always answers people with a “Yes Ma’am” or “Yes Sir” for anything you ask.  And any question I had for her about details or asking her where she wanted to do certain photos was met with a polite and respectful answer and attitude.  Both Amanda and Scott’s friends and family were there for them at every moment of the day helping everything get done and go smoothly.  I absolutely loved all of their supporting family and friends!

Bride and Groom Getting Ready Bride and Groom Individuals Getting Ready Bride and Groom Bride and Groom Getting Ready
Detail Photo at Wedding
Dad and Daughter First Look:  Amanda shared a special Dad and Daughter First Look before we started wedding party and family photos.  This is always a great moment between a girl and her Daddy.  I think it really helps ease the nerves of both too and give them that special moment together before the ceremony when he walks her down the aisle.
Dad Daughter First Look

Wedding Party and Family Photos:  Since Amanda and Scott decided to have a traditional timeline where they didn’t see each other until the ceremony, that meant we did Bridesmaids photos and Groomsmen photos separately.  This was the part of the day where it was raining heavily and not letting up anytime soon.  Even though I always prefer natural light outside photos, if the weather doesn’t cooperate, I am still going to get you the best photos I can inside.  At the Tremont Church of God, we were blessed with beautiful big windows that let in a lot of natural light.  This was the perfect place to do the pre-ceremony wedding party and family photos.
Bridesmaid Photos Groomsmen Photos

Ceremony:  This ceremony was truly special.  Amanda’s Dad and three brothers all helped officiate the wedding.  Her Dad as the main pastor, and then each of her brothers doing a part of the ceremony.  I learned Amanda was the oldest and her three brothers were younger than her.  You could tell they all kept her laughing, and probably did a lot growing up together too, but they also loved and cared for their sister very much.  The look on Scott’s face when he saw Amanda for the first time was so sweet too!  These two were just made for each other!

The Rain Cleared!  This was also one of my favorite parts – right after the ceremony, we first did Family Portraits inside and got all the important combinations that Amanda and Scott wanted.  (Those to come in the final gallery delivery, because there are a lot!)  The rain let up for just enough time for us to all go outside and get natural light portraits of the whole wedding party together and then Bride and Groom photos.  If you’ve followed me for any length of time, you know that Bride and Groom Portrait time is my specialty.  I love getting to capture those moments where a couple realize they are really husband and wife now, and the joy that is seen in these photos are my favorites!

Reception Fun:  We quickly went back inside for the fun reception.  Amanda and Scott, in their true polite nature, wanted to maximize their time with their guests, but also were sensitive that many of their guests had traveled to be there and had long drives home.  They got right to the eating, dancing, visiting, and fun with all of their guests and made the most of their reception time together with their family and friends.

Amanda and Scott – it truly was a joy for me to serve you and your family and friends on your special day.  I enjoyed getting to know you both in the months leading up to your wedding, and I hope we can all keep up with each other and stay in touch.  I wish you both the best as your start your married life together!  Be sure to check out Amanda and Scott’s wonderful vendors at the end of this post!
Amanda and Scott’s Vendor Team:

Wedding Venue: Tremont Church of God, Greenville, SC

Makeup & Hair:  Cotton Rouge and Company, Katie Cotton

Coordinator/Director:  Becky Turner

Florist:  Kim Allen

Caterer:  James Hughes

DJ:  Will Gladden – Level Digital Music Entertainment

Videographer:  Nate Perry Productions

Photographer:  Jill Brisken Photography

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