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I’ve been hinting for the past several weeks about how I can’t wait to share more photos from Kelly and Trevor’s Rock Hill Wedding at The Magnolia Room and Oakland Baptist Church.  Now the time is here that I have it ready to share!  I was so glad I got the chance to photograph this sweet couple at their Rock Hill Wedding, as I love traveling to this city for weddings when I get a chance to!  (Be sure to contact me if you are looking for a Rock Hill Wedding photographer too!)  I can’t say enough how beautiful and special of a day this was for this couple, and they had some wonderful family and friends who shared in their special day.  From start to finish I was greeted by genuinely nice and caring people, who I could tell only wanted the best for Kelly and Trevor.
As always, I enjoy getting to know my couples as much as I can before their big day so that we all feel comfortable with one another on the wedding day.  Kelly and Trevor weren’t able to schedule an engagement session with me, but I was able to take Kelly’s bridal photos back in the Spring, so that helped me to get to know her even better.  I was also glad that Kelly had shared a lot about her and Trevor’s relationship on my “Getting to Know You” forms that I send out to my brides.  I am so appreciative when people take the time to fill these out.

Kelly shared with me that she and Trevor had first met when they both were completing their undergraduate degrees at Limestone College.  Kelly had gone to Limestone College and had a swimming scholarship, while Trevor had been offered a baseball scholarship.  They both were drawn to Limestone because of it’s small, private, Christian appeal too.  Kelly’s roommate was dating one of Trevor’s friends and Kelly tagged along to a get-together at Trevor’s house.  Trevor struck up a conversation with Kelly by making fun of the mug she was drinking out of that had cats on it!  🙂  I think this was a start of a fun-loving relationship for sure, where they could be free to laugh with one another.

Trevor must’ve left a good impression on Kelly, because they ended up dating for 5 years.  During this time, they both graduated with many honors and moved into careers they loved.  Trevor went on to study Occupational Therapy in Charleston at the Medical University and now works as an Occupational Therapist in Rock Hill.  Kelly used her double major, Bachelor of Science in Marketing and Management, to further her career working for the largest property management company in the world.  While they both love their jobs, they can be stressful, so they enjoy playing with their Labradoodle pup, Cecee, in their off time.  They also love trying new restaurants and spending time with their family and friends.
I could tell just how special of people Kelly and Trevor were, especially by all of the people they chose to surround themselves with on their wedding day.  I arrived in the early afternoon to Oakland Baptist Church, where the girls were getting ready in one room and the guys were getting ready in another room on a different floor (to be sure they didn’t see each other!)

Once Kelly was all ready, she shared a special Daddy/Daughter First Look time with her Father.  What a sweet time to share and remember for them!

Then we moved into family photos on both Kelly and Trevor’s sides (separately), and got done as many wedding party ones as we were able to before the ceremony.

Before we knew it, the ceremony was ready to start!  Kelly and Trevor had a beautiful God honoring ceremony.

After the ceremony was complete, we finished up all of the family photos and wedding party photos, and then it was time to head to the reception.  Kelly and Trevor had a fun get-away car they were escorted in from the church to their reception, the Magnolia Room.

Once they arrived at The Magnolia Room, I took them away for just about 15 mintues to do some quick bride and groom portrait time.  I always love this time, when my couples can just focus on each other and have a few moments to let it sink in that they just became husband and wife!!!

After portrait time, we moved into their lovely reception.  They shared a beautiful first dance together as husband and wife.  Other notable events from the evening were the cake cutting, heartfelt speeches from Kelly’s sister and Trevor’s Dad, a Dad/Daughter dance, and a Mother/Son dance too.  Kelly and Trevor had fun with the garter throw and the bouquet toss too.  And in between all of that was a delicious meal that all of the guests and vendors enjoyed, myself included! 🙂

The night went on with fun dancing and even a few more bride and groom sunset portraits outside.

Kelly and Trevor had a sparkler send off, but the party wasn’t entirely finished just yet . . . they and all their guests who wanted to stay later went back in for more fun and dancing together.

It was such a fun day and night, and wish this sweet couple only the best!!  I hope their memories in photos will help bring them back to this wonderful day every time they look at their wedding day photos.  Congrats to Kelly and Trevor!!  Thanks for letting me be a part of your special day!!


Kelly and Trevor’s Awesome Vendors:
Linen Rentals: Ribald Events
Flowers: Ribald events

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