You’re Engaged, Now What? – 5 Things To Consider

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You’re engaged!  How exciting! . . . But now what should you do?  Here are 5 things to consider right after you get engaged.

1. Share the news, of course!

This is undoubtedly the first thing you’ll want to do!  Although you may be tempted to share it on social media first, make sure to let your immediate family and closest friends know before you update your social media status!  They will appreciate hearing it from you and will want to share in your excitement personally!  So, take a few moments to call/text your “people”.  It will make such a difference to them knowing you took that time to share this unique moment with them.  After you share the big news with your closest circle, then by all means post it on social media and shout it for all to hear!
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2. Get your engagement ring insured

This is probably not the first thing you thought to do, and of course isn’t all that fun.  But you will want to make sure that your precious stone is insured, should anything happen to it.  You will feel more at ease showing off that gorgeous ring, knowing if anything were to happen, you are covered.

3. Get out that planner or calendar

People will start asking right away when the special day will take place, so be ready!  Think about the wedding you’ve envisioned ever since you were little.  Did you see yourself in a long sleeved gown with a fur shawl cuddling up to your groom in beautiful white snow?  Or did you see yourself with a sleeveless dress, flowing in the summer breeze with a bright summer day?  Or what about a wedding with gorgeous colored leaves showing off in the background of a cool, Fall day?  Think about your work schedules and when the best time of year is to have a couple weeks off, for planning and the honeymoon.  Also think about what type of honeymoon you want and in what season.  Consider all of your options before you nail down a specific date.  One you decide on the season you prefer, I recommend coming up with two or three dates that would work, so you can then check with your dream venue and your dream photographer to see which date they have available!

4. Get to know your vendors

Set up meetings with the vendors you love and get to know them.  Really, take the time to get to know their personalities, their business practices, and how they interact with you.  Make sure you connect with them on a personal level as well.  All together you want your wedding experience to be the one you’ve been dreaming of.  For this reason, I really recommend adding on an Engagement Session, or choosing one of my collections that includes an engagement session so that we can get to know each other better!  It’s good so we all feel comfortable and at ease with each other on the wedding day.  It will be more like having a friend there with you, than just a photographer.

5.  Start planning to make your dream a reality!

This is the day you’ve maybe thought about your whole life . . . keep on dreaming and think about how you can make your day even more special and unique to you.  Need some inspiration?  Browse the internet for ideas and DIY projects.  Start a Pinterest board with all things wedding that inspire you!  And take it one step at a time.

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Wedding Planning Checklist

Speaking of taking it one thing at a time, I created this FREE WEDDING PLANNING CHECKLIST that you can download HERE.  I hope it is helpful as you prepare and start planning for the special wedding day of your dreams!


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