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*I am a photographer who always said I would NEVER PHOTOGRAPH WEDDINGS!

*Then I got asked randomly at my doctor's office by my family doctor if I would consider doing a small wedding for one of the girls who worked in the office . . . one conversation led to another, and I agreed and ultimately fell in love with wedding photography!

* Since exclusively photographing weddings since 2016, I have grown my knowledge, experience, and expertise to offer my couples a one of a kind, personalized, and professional experience!

*I only take on a limited number of weddings each year.  

*If I choose you to work with, it's because I feel we are a good fit and I WANT TO SERVE YOU AND YOUR FIANCE ON YOUR SPECIAL DAY!!

my photography journey...

Directs you in the poses that make for beautiful canvases, but also will capture the fun and candid moments that happen through the day. 

If this sounds like the experience you want to have with your wedding photographer, I'm ready to meet you! I'd love to find out if I have your date available!

You've rushed to get your dream venue booked and next on your list is booking your dream photographer! I would love to help! I'm Jill, a Greenville & Spartanburg, SC Wedding Photographer who:

Makes you feel comfortable and at ease so you can ENJOY YOUR DAY TOGETHER!! 

Captures images in my bright, colorful, and romantic style that will not fade with passing trends. 

greenville, sc wedding photographer for couples in love with their best friend!


my name is

The Wedding experience

 *To create authentic, timeless images that show your personalities and
one of a kind connection

*Make you feel confident & Comfortable so you can enjoy your day!

*Tell the complete story of your Wedding day -  the big moments & the small ones in between

*become a trusted friend & professional to help you with all things wedding photography!

Choosing your wedding photographer should be a simple process.  When you know, you know!  I'd love to meet you and see how I can best serve you and your fiance on your special day!

The JBP Philosophy

I'm obsessed with paper planners and notebooks, and although I'm tech savy too, I have to actually write everything down in my planner!


This is my family and why I do what I do ~ my family's support of my photography means the world to me.


My third love (after my family & photography, of course) is iced coffee! Iced Vanilla Lattes & White Peppermint Mochas are my faves!


My husband, Scott, actually helped me photograph my very first wedding.  He did a great job, but after that he decided the way to help me most was to keep things running at home while I'm away at weddings!! Haha!


all the fun random stuff about me

the bucket list

pretty place
gassaway mansion
forevermore farms
reid farm
Edinburgh west
southwind ranch
aurora farms
caitlyn farms
Rock Hill, SC
Charlotte, NC
Greenville, SC
Asheville, NC
and others!

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Aurora Farms 
southwind ranch
pretty place
gassaway mansion
Edinburgh West
caitlyn farms
reid farm
Charleston, SC

(and open to others!)

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sweet tea with lemon 


any romantic comedy-
The holiday
My Best friend's wedding
also sci fi - star wars & all the marvel comic movies


the beach or mountains - love both!

9 wing 1 - i keep the peace & stay organized doing it!

travel spot

enneagram number

this is us - current
friends - all time fave

tv show

worship music, party/dance, & singer/songwriter are some of my faves!



instagram & facebook
ocassionally pinterest

social media

none, I can never finish one!


banana pudding - dessert
steak & fries - dinner


dinner & a movie (Out or in!)
coffee & bookstore browsing

date night

iced white peppermint mocha


All Time Favorites

I can tell we would get along great!
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the wedding experience!

The best tips for what to wear (and what to avoid) for your photoshoot! 

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