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I'm a luxury fine-art wedding photographer located in Upstate, SC. It is my joy and passion to not only deliver amazing wedding day photos, but to also love and serve my clients well!

I am known for my expertise in helping couples plan their wedding day to have an organized and smooth, stress-free experience.

My Couples also say I make them feel comfortable and at ease through my simple, yet beautiful posing techniques that make them confident and look their best in their engagement session and wedding.

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— Kerri & Dylan

"Absolutely Amazing. Jill was the best part of our wedding experience. She did an amazing job!"

— Victoria & Michael

"Classy, Organized, Talented.
Jill truly captured every detail of our wedding." 

— Kelly & Trevor

"Prompt, Prepared, and overall Lovely to work with! I cannot say enough wonderful things about Jill. 

I will make you Feel Comfortable and At Ease so you can ENJOY YOUR DAY!

From our first interactions on email, to our first in-person phone call or meeting, to your engagement session, to your wedding day . . . I absolutely consider it my job to make you as a couple feel comfortable, at ease, confident, and like a new friend (who will become a lasting one!)  My couples often comment how my soft and inviting demeanor and personality immediately calm their nerves during photos.  This will help make your whole wedding photography experience enjoyable and stress free!

What makes me different?

My Photography Style for your Images

I will give you images that are bright, colorful and romantic.  I shoot in a soft and romantic style where the backgrounds are softer and blurred (shallow depth of field, for you techies) and my subjects, YOU, pop off the image as the premier focus, especially in bride and groom portraits!  My photography editing style is clean and classic, so your photos will not just be a passing trend, but will stand the test of time.  I want your images from one of the most important days of your lives to reflect how you saw it and ones that will not be dated in a few years!  Even though I can (and do) use flash sometimes during your day (dark situations or reception lighting), I use available natural light when possible.  If I can get you near a window or outside for photos, I will!  You just can't beat the beauty of natural light, in my opinion.   One new thing I'm offering is a warm toned editing style - see the button at the bottom of this website to go to my "Linen and Light" page for more info, if you desire this style for your finished photos.  This is just an option that I will do your whole gallery in, if you ask me to.  If you choose this warmer toned option, then all of your photos in any session would be done this way - Engagements and Bridals also.  

What makes me different?

How I Work With You During a Session and Wedding Day

When I work with you during your Engagement Session, Bridal Session, and on your Wedding Day, I am a very active part of helping you through an exciting, yet sometimes hectic day!  I am not a photographer who stands back and just captures what is happening through most of the day.  I believe in lightly guided posing, because let's face it, most couples have not had many (if any) professional photoshoots and are pretty nervous in front of a camera!  I get it, and I got you!  I will teach you my simple approach to posing in your Engagement Session (which is why I highly suggest doing an Engagement Session!), and you will take that confidence with you into your wedding day!  I also am constantly verbally instructing, encouraging, and helping you know "where to put your hands", so there is never a question about feeling awkward or out of control.  I also am a big part of helping your wedding day go smoothly through my organization skills with helping you create a custom timeline for your day, and to prepare your photo shot lists, so that no important moment or family member pictures get missed!  The main times on a wedding day that I take a more "photojournalistic" approach and capture exactly what is happening is during your ceremony and during your reception.  I capture plenty of candids throughout the day as well, but I am a very active part of leading your wedding day photos.  If that sounds like the type of experience you want with your photographer, then we may be a perfect fit to work together!

What makes me different?

The best tips for what to wear (and what to avoid) for your photoshoot! 

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