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Hi! I'm Jill and am so glad you are considering letting me be a part of your wedding day! 

Some of my earliest memories are laying on the floor and flipping through my parents’ thick wedding album. Something about touching the pages, and seeing the print hit a nostalgic place in my heart and made me feel like I was there.  

My Mom preserved our family’s memories by making photo albums each year. Since we moved around so much because of my Dad’s career in the Air Force, we lived and visited a lot of amazing places in the U.S. - Mississippi, Georgia, Florida, Alaska, California, Virginia, and Texas were all a part of my childhood until I moved to North Carolina for college.  

Preserving my own family memories became even more important when I started having children. By my third child, I had upped my camera equipment and started a family photography business! I never wanted to do weddings. But I got asked to do one by chance in the Fall of 2016 and I got hooked! I haven’t looked back since!  

I absolutely love helping my couples capture memories in photos from their wedding day to enjoy for years to come. I want my couples’ children to be laying on the floor flipping through their wedding album one day, feeling like they were there too! I want my couples to not only enjoy the photos from their day, but to remember an amazing experience with me - where they feel loved, cared for, and appreciated.  

I only take a limited amount of weddings per year. If I choose to work with you, it’s because you are my kind of people! Keep reading to see if I might be the right photographer for you!

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Lover of god, my family, paper planners & colored pens, and Netflix marathons

Read more about me here & what working with me is like!

So Much Love Here!


— Kerri & Dylan

"Absolutely Amazing. Jill was the best part of our wedding experience. She did an amazing job!"

— Victoria & Michael

"Classy, Organized, Talented.
Jill truly captured every detail of our wedding." 

— Kelly & Trevor

"Prompt, Prepared, and overall Lovely to work with! I cannot say enough wonderful things about Jill. 

You are an easy going couple who is laid back, calm, and enjoys just being together!

You don’t need fancy date nights out or trips around the world (although you would enjoy those too!), but you are happy and content just ordering in and having a movie night at home, or a low key game night with friends.

Relationships and connections with the ones you love - family and friends - are most important to you.  You want to be surrounded by these people on your wedding day, because they will be loving you and cheering you on too!

I may be the right photographer for you if:

You enjoy bright and colorful images OR warm toned images - I have two styles!!

I will give you images that are bright, colorful and romantic.  I shoot in a soft and romantic style where the backgrounds are softer and blurred (shallow depth of field, for you techies) and my subjects, YOU, pop off the image as the premier focus, especially in bride and groom portraits! 

My photography editing style is clean and classic.  I want your images from one of the most important days of your lives to reflect how you saw it.  Even though I can (and do) use flash sometimes during your day (dark situations or reception lighting), I use available natural light when possible.  If I can get you near a window or outside for photos, I will!  You just can't beat the beauty of natural light, in my opinion.   

One new thing I'm offering is a warm toned editing style - see the button at the bottom of this website to go to my "Linen and Light" page for more info, if you desire this style for your finished photos.  This is just an option that I will do your whole gallery in, if you ask me to.  If you choose this warmer toned option, then all of your photos in any session would be done this way - Engagements and Bridals also.  

I may be the right photographer for you if:

You like watching TV and Movies & have subscriptions to Netflix and other streaming services.

*You like watching Friends, How I Met Your Mother, The Office, Parenthood, This is Us, Grey’s Anatomy, . . . and follow along season after season, even watching and rewatching again!

You also love finding new and interesting original series to watch on Netflix, Hulu, and others - some of my recent faves are The 100, The Maid, Sweet Magnolias, and dozens of others!  Send me your suggestions - I love editing pictures to watching/listening to t.v. shows!

I may be the right photographer for you if:

You love organization and planning 

Notebooks, planners, colored pens, and all! You want a smooth and stress free schedule on your wedding day, and you will trust your photographer to work with you in every way to make it happen! 

I'm a firm believer in having a well laid out plan.  Of course things will have to be flexible at times on the wedding day.  But overall, due to my help with timelines, family shot lists, and constant communication with you, my couples' wedding days go very smoothly. 

My couples say my warm, calm demeanor helps them to feel at ease - from the Engagement Session to the Wedding Day - I am there to help and serve you and your families.  I don't take it lightly that you have chosen me to photograph one of the most important days of your lives! 

I may be the right photographer for you if:

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