I will still be offering my clients the full wedding photography experience that Jill Brisken Photography is known for, offering my clients guidance in posing, making them feel comfortable and confident, and helping them plan their perfect wedding day with custom timeline planning.  I've called this new style, Linen and Light, as it reminds me of the natural, warm color, and soft elegance of linen.  And light because I'm always going to look for and display natural light in the finished photos.

Linen and Light is an alternate style option for Jill Brisken Photography clients that is full of warm color tones, shows connection and love, and soft lighting.  The inspiration for this alternate brand came from one of my JBP couples asking me to edit their Engagement photos in this style.  I liked it so much that I have decided to offer it as a style option for all JBP couples.  If you are an existing client, or a new client, let me know if you like this style!


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Whether one bridesmaid or eight, you have your people by your side on your important day.  They are there to help make your day even more amazing with their love and support!

an amazing bride tribe


You aren't afraid of planning, and prefer an involved photographer to help you with it!  Lots of emails and texts will go back and forth between us! And if you need any planner recommendations or best colored pen reviews, I'm your gal!!

involved planning


You don't mind sharing your love story with me, and anyone who asks!  The more wordy, the better!  Seriously!!!

a strong love story


The perfect partner for you . . . that's what you've found in your fiance. You make each other laugh, you calm each other down.  Your perfect match! That is cause to celebrate!

a perfect partner


* You consider your Wedding Photography one of your top priorities for your day - both in your planning & your budget

* You want an Involved Photographer - one that directs you in poses to make you feel comfortable and confident and one that helps you plan your timeline for the day.

*You like the warm toned style for your finished photos that also show your connection, happiness, and love with your partner!

what makes a linen & light bride


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