Simply put, I want you to win!  And I want to do all I can to help you do it!  Being a Wedding Photographer myself, I know all the ins and outs of wedding days.  You can trust me to blog the story of the day, as if the wedding was for my own clients.  I want to serve you well, so you can serve your clients well.  And get back your life in the meantime!

I'm Jill, your new time-saver, biggest encourager, and
business BFF.

Ready to see if we are a good fit?

Based in South Carolina -
Serving clients nationwide !

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We are a good fit if . . . 

You became a wedding professional to serve your couples well on their wedding days!  You want to take the pictures, arrange the flowers, make the song set lists, or work on client relations.  Not sit behind a computer for all hours of the night and day. Get some of that time back by working with me, so you can focus on your main love!  I love to write, and I know how to do it well to create a good blog post for you!

#1-You want to focus more on what you love.

Many wedding professionals haven't had any luck with getting new leads through blogging and social media posting. Simply put, knowing how to format keywords in a blog, title images and alt text, and write the blog so it gets noticed by google for SEO and readability can be very overwhelming for most.  Why not let someone who knows what they are doing make these key elements come together for you, write your blogs and gain you consistent leads and visibility?

#2-more consistent leads & visibility

When you outsource the things you don't enjoy doing, such as blog writing or social media posting, you can provide a better client experience.  You will have the time to communicate back to your clients much faster, if you aren't bogged down by the mundane office tasks you don't really have time to do!  

#3-A better client experience!

As you know, running a business  is way more than just your 12-20 weddings you work in a year. You are sending emails, texting, having meetings, doing engagement and bridal sessions, etc. There's enough to do without the blog writing - get back more time with your family and friends by letting me do the blogging for you!

#4-Spend more time with family and friends.

You don't always have to be hustling to be successful. Daily naps?
Yes please!!

Everything in business is a work in progress. 

You are the best wife, mom, business person when you take time for yourself. Really.

I believe:

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The girl behind the business . . . 

I've been married to my college sweetheart since 2000 (you do the math!) and we have 3 kids - 2 sons and a daughter.  They keep us busy, proud, busy, crazy, busy, and we love them each so much!  They are why I'm making this transition in my business. More time with them is time well spent.

#1-My family

I've been exclusively shooting weddings since 2016 and absolutely love serving my couples and helping them through their days! I still have weddings I am shooting in 2022, but will be backing off the number significantly, to make room for being a virtual assistant to other creatives.

#2-Wedding Photographer 

I know it's common, but I do really love coffee, iced coffee that is!  I have many different favorites - my long standing one is an iced peppermint white mocha.  I have lots of complicated orders too, and even keep a picture album on my phone with the details for when I order. For example - Venti Iced Coffee with heavy cream, 5 pumps vanilla, 3 pumps caramel, whipped cream and caramel drizzle on top.  Try it!  Thank me later!

#3-Coffee (Iced)!

Does anyone understand the excitement of a new paper planner? And new colored pens to write in it? If you do, then we will get along great!  I love all the technology resources today, but I still have to write everything down for my days, weeks, months. My favorite planner right now is the All in One Planner by Laurel Denise.

#4-Planner & Colored Pens Nerd!