I have been an exclusive wedding photographer for the past 5 years, and 2022 is the year I'm choosing to transition my business to offer Creative Virtual Assistant services to other Wedding Professionals and Creatives.  I will start slowly and work with just the right clients. Perhaps you are in a position that you want to outsource your blogging, but just want to try it first before committing very long term.  This may be the perfect opportunity for you!  Try outsourcing your blogging at a reasonable price, see if you like it, and have the potential to grow your business right along side me!

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2022 is the first year I'm offering Creative Virtual Assistant services.

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My premiere service I'm offering will be Done-For-You Full Service Blogging - I will write the post, format it, and add it into your backend for you (WordPress).  I will implement correct SEO to meet your goals - naming images, keywords, making SEO and readability good through the Yoast plugin on WordPress.  I will resize and collage images through BlogStomp for best optimization. 

I also am offering a backend service package where you write the copy for the blog, and I handle the rest.  Or I can write the copy, and you handle the rest! Many customizable options! See Services below for more details.

I am accepting a limited amount of initial clients.

"What creative services do you offer?"

I am familiar with WordPress blogs through ShowIt websites.  To begin with, I will be accepting clients who host their blog on this platform.  If your blog is hosted elsewhere and you are interested in working with me, we can discuss in our discovery call whether I can easily learn your platform to perform the blogging services needed.  

"Do I need to have my blog hosted on a certain platform?"

No, you do not have to send every wedding for me to blog.  However, I do start my packages at 2 blogs per month, with a 3 month minimum commitment.  This ensures that you get the full experience of how my process works to see the benefits over time.  Hopefully, you will decide you want to continue working with me!

"Do I have to send every wedding I do for you to blog?"

Yes, we will have a written contract that outlines all the specifics of our working agreement.  This will be sent and filled out and signed digitally by both parties.  This is to protect us both!  If at any time either of us decide we are not a good fit to work together, the current contract period will need to be finished, but does not have to be renewed for another 3 month time period.  

"Will we have a contract?"

I will go over all of this in our communication.  We can set up a call, a zoom call, or even just correspond back and forth through email and loom chats.  I know everyone is busy, which is why you're considering outsourcing to begin with, so I will accommodate you the best I can!  The process will be made as simple and user friendly for you as possible, so that you don't have to spend more time getting me the information.  Efficiency and simplicity are the goals!!

"How do you get all of the information for the blog?"


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Blogging is one of the most beneficial ways to consistently boost traffic to your site and reach your ideal clients.  Let me help you reach your marketing goals, one blog at a time, while giving you back some time to do more of the things you love in your business!

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The Details

Blogging Packages

Package A:  starts at $90/month
(Or $45/blog post) 

Backend Assistance

Package C:  starts at $140/month
(Or $70/blog post) 

copy writing + posting images

Package D:  starts at $130/month
(Or $65/blog post) 

copy writing Only

*You write the copy and send to me in a google document.  I handle the rest! 

*I load post to blog publisher, tweak any keywords/text to optimize for SEO, label photos given for title and alt text, collage photos using BlogStomp!, and get everything ready for reviewing before hitting Publish to post!

*2 Blogs Per Month Minimum OR based on your specific wedding dates over 3 month contract period.

Package B: Starts at $170/month
(Or $85/blog post)

full service blogging

*You give me the notes & information for the blog, and I write the copy for you!

*I load post to blog publisher, optimize writing and keywords for SEO, label photos given for title and alt text, collage photos using BlogStomp!, and get everything ready for reviewing before hitting Publish to post!

*2 Blogs Per Month Minimum OR based on your specific wedding dates over 3 month contract period.

*I write the copy

*You give me the images already stomped into collages

*I handle putting the copy & images into your blogging platform with alt text added etc.

*2 Blogs Per Month Minimum OR based on your specific wedding dates over 3 month contract period.

*I write the copy only

*You handle the rest! - Putting the text copy & images into your blogging platform

*2 Blogs Per Month Minimum OR based on your specific wedding dates over 3 month contract period.

how does this work?

*We will work out a customized information gathering and content schedule that works best for you. Some clients choose to get info to me by Tuesday following a weekend wedding, for consistency and flow. Some plan as much in advance as possible, and add in last details right after the wedding. We will customize it to meet your needs! 

*Blog Content is gathered via Blog Questionnaire Forms and/or Voice Memos through a free app called "Otter." You can also forward me your own couple's questionnaire that they already filled out for you with their information to save time. Another option is a shared google spreadsheet where you enter the information for each blog. 

*Your first two blog amounts are due as a retainer fee to book and hold spot when beginning working with me. This secures my services for a 3 month contract minimum, with the option to extend services after that.  The retainer fee goes towards your blogging package costs.

*Remaining amount of blogging package is due in installments once a month on agreed upon schedule in equal monthly payments.

*Onboarding Process required during first month to get to know business, brand voice, and meet goals efficiently. Filling out a detailed Questionnaire & one scheduled zoom call or email communication is usually all I need to get you fully onboard as a client!

more about the blog posts

*These are introductory prices at great rates! 
These won't last long and are only being offered to my beginning initial clients! 
Prices are subject to change.*

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All Blog Posts Include:

The Time is Now!

*300-500 words per post
*30-45 images per post (may be in collages)
*SEO including meta title, description, & headers
*Images resized and collaged using BlogStomp
*Linking to all vendors & internal linking to at least 1 other blog post of yours.
*"Green" in Yoast SEO for both SEO & Readability (for WordPress users)
*1 round of revisions, if needed
*Adding into the client's backend (WordPress), so you only have to hit "Publish!"

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Here's what happens next:

i can't wait to work with you!

Contract sent with your package chosen. Review and fill out. Then Invoice for Initial first month's retainer fee will be due to reserve your spot.

Welcome Email sent detailing ALL THE INFO with Questionnaires for you to begin completing.

Kick Off Call or Email Consult Scheduled, Held, and we begin working together on the first of the month following your onboarding month.

Now, that you've decided to make it official, I will send you ALL THE INFO to make sure you know exactly what to expect.

I'm so glad you want to book with me!  it's an honor I don't take lightly, and i'm excited to be a part of helping your business grow and succeed.

I want to book!  What's next?

Why should you hire me to write your blog?  Simply put, I love writing and I have trained and taken courses in blog writing, to optimize posts for your keywords and SEO.  And if formality means anything, I have a degree in Middle Grades Education with a concentration in Language Arts!  I've written lots of blogs for my own Wedding Photography business too, if you want to check them out below.  However, when I write for you, I will write to match your business' brand and voice.  I will work to get to know you and connect to your clients in the way in which you would want to!

Are you wondering what a blog written by me looks like?

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I would love the opportunity to chat with you, learn about you and your business, and see if we would work well together.  It all starts with a conversation - this can be through a call or even just through email!  (I know everyone is busy, so I will accommodate you!) Click the button below to Contact me now, and let's get the process started for getting your time (and sanity) back now!

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