Helpful Tips Before Your Wedding Day

To be well prepared and less stressed!

No matter which photographer you use for your wedding, these are some helpful tips to help you be well prepared and less stressed for your day!  Believe me, your photographer will thank you!

If you are one of my wedding couples, you will receive an in depth private guide to help you through each step of the way of your wedding photography experience.

However, I am sharing some of my favorite helpful tips below for all wedding couples, and hope these will be a great resource to benefit you on your wedding day!  

before the wedding

what can you expect in the few weeks leading up to your wedding?

These are some typical things that happen in the last few weeks leading up to your wedding day.  Every photographer does things a little differently, but this is how I advise my couples on what to expect:

Final Photography Balance Paid:
On your contract, a date was given for your final photography payment to be made.  Make sure you pay close attention to this date, and get it paid by the due date.  Usually most photographers will send you a reminder notice before the final payment date.  All of my couples easily make their payments through my online management system which accepts electronic credit card and debit card payments.

Photo Timeline:
It's important that you and your photographer on the same page for what happens when during your wedding day - that's why an exact timeline for your day is so crucial! 

For my JBP couples, I will usually send a photo timeline in a google document to start with, and we can make any changes as needed. Once we have the timeline completed, you can then print and give to family members and your wedding party so that everyone knows exactly where and when they need to be places for photos.  Again, organization and knowledge is one of the things that will make the photo part of your wedding day go very smoothly.

Important Shot List - Special Photos & list of Family Members for photos:
I think this is maybe THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO HAVE DONE BEFORE YOUR WEDDING DAY!  I always share my basic shot list with my couples that they can edit and change as needed.  It really helps to ensure your photographer doesn't miss any important family members or friends in the group pictures that you want.  On the day of the wedding, it is too rushed and there are too many nerves to "think in the moment" for who you want in each picture.

​This is the time for you to ask your photographer any last questions you may have about anything!  Communication is so important so everyone knows exactly what is going on.  Your photographer understands that you have had a lot going on in planning for your wedding, so even if it's something you've previously gone over, don't be afraid to bring it up to confirm it or triple check the details!

Details to have together beforehand:
One thing that is helpful is having all of the details together for your photographer so they can get some creative shots right when they arrive.  Sometimes it is good to have all the smaller items in a shoe box and you can just point to it when your photographer arrives so they can get right to work and not bother you to find everything. See the "Helpful Tips" section below for some ideas on items you can have in the shoe box.

And then that's it!!!  Your photographer will be there ready on the day of your wedding, excited to capture your beautiful day in photos!  If it's me, then I can't wait!




helpful tips

helpful tips for you as you prepare for your wedding day photography

I can go off of this shot list as a starting point . . . . This is the easiest way to ensure we get all the photos you want on this important day! I can send you a copy that you can edit directly before your wedding too. Please let me know if you need any help with your shot list.

photo shot list:

-invitation suite (invitations, rsvp cards) . . . I will try to bring ones along if you sent them to me already.
-bride's shoes
-bride's necklace & earrings
-bride's bouquet
-program of ceremony
-rings (groom's, bride's wedding ring and engagement ring)
-perfume (if applicable)
-Dress (I can get a quick picture of it hanging before you put it on. Then I’ll bring it back before we do the “zipping/buttoning of the dress” picture
-Veil - if you don’t already have to have it in your hair. If so, no problem.
-any special hangar (to be used with photos of just the dress beforehand) 

Items to have together in
shoe box for detail shots:

Fill Out These Details Before The Wedding

help me serve you best!

Details Before Wedding Form

Family shot list

Click below to see examples:

*If anything still has tags on, please cut off before I arrive if at all possible*

I hope these tips have been helpful! Want to learn more?

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